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(the wooden spoon).

Varecha.sk is the largest cooking website in the Slovak republic. Tens of thousands of recipes have been published by a massive community of people who love cooking and baking. The word "varecha" means "the wooden spoon" in Slovak.

Our Work

Complete the website from scratch.
Graphic Design, Frontend, Backend, CMS,
Marketing, Project Management


Version 5.0 - October 2019
(Version 1.0 - October 2009)


PEREX,a. s. (2009-2021);
OUR MEDIA a.s. (2021-2022)

Our company has been working on this project since its launch in 2009. The website design was regularly updated every 2-3 years. www.Varecha.sk was developed for PEREX publishing house in 2009. The project became one of the most successful websites of a whole publishing house and very soon became the largest and the most visited cooking site with recipes in the Slovak republic. Nowadays, it has 1.2+ million real visitors (users) monthly, and it is still the largest database of recipes in Slovak.

2009 - Version 1.0

Look at the first website layout from of website below.

The first layout of a webpage from 2009

2011 - Version 2.0

The website updated its design in 2011.

The second layout of a webpage from 2011

2014 - Version 3.0

The third revised version of the website from 2014.

The third layout of a webpage from 2014

2016 - Version 4.0

Varecha.sk evolved to a responsive in 2016

The fourth layout of a webpage from 2016

2019 - Version 5.0

New Varecha.sk for 10th anniversary in 2019

The fifth layout of a webpage from 2019 - 10th-anniversary edition