Vtedy.sk vintage photo gallery


(back then).

The Vintage Gallery of national memory. Responsive vintage memorial website for National Agency of the Slovak republic (TASR), showing digitalized photographs starting at the year 1945.

Our Work

Brand name, Logotype, Graphic Design, Frontend and Backend


January MMXV


National Agency of the Slovak republic (TASR)

News Agency of the Slovak Republic has digitalized hundreds of thousands of photographs and negatives from its archives, which resulted in over 1,5 million digital objects. A select portion of these photographs is published on the memorial webpage www.Vtedy.sk, which was delivered by our company as a turn-key web portal, including visual and technical solutions.

A simple description of the projectThe project uses a timeline to browse between eras.


"Vtedy" means in the Slovak language "back-then". We brought the idea for this beautiful name to the client, and he loved it. Vtedy is easy to remember and short to type, and the domain name was available to register. The website has a beautiful old-school color scheme that symbolizes old papers and black-and-white photography.

The first draft of Vtedy.sk with the first version of the logo follows here:

The frist draft of Vtedy.sk website


The color scheme for the project


Look at the first website layout from of website below. The final version was slightly updated based on the client's comments and ideas and can be visible online at www.Vtedy.sk

First layout of webpage from 2015