We’ve been given a beautiful task, of complete visual reconstruction for a web hosting service vpsFree.cz, including a new log and corporateidentity of the firm. Check out the new CI vpsFree.cz


New design of vpsFree

The redesigned webpage is responsive. New identity of this project uses a modern combination of blue and orange colors. Blue symbolizes trust, peace and calmness. Orange is the color of optimism, enlightenment and positive energy, encouraging endurance, sedulity and also feelings of joy and happiness. These colors represent the whole idea of the vpsFree project- trust, peace, optimism and positive energy all at once.

Hompage design

About vpsFree.cz

  • Our job: complete redesign, logo, web design, responsive HTML+CSS
  • Completion: spring 2014
  • Client: vpsFree.cz z.s.
  • Status: on-line
  • Link: www.vpsfree.cz

Check out also Corporate identity vpsFree.cz