News Agency of the Slovak Republic has decided to digitalize hundred thousands of photographs and negatives as a part of their Digitalization project, which resulted in over 1,5 milion digital objects. A select portion of these photographs is edited and released on the memorial retro webpage, which was delivered by our company as a turn-key web portal, including visual and technical solutions.


Retrospective portal is a responsive portal with a custom editorial system. Editorial system is build on Scala/Play framework. Server part, connected to the digitalized archives of TASR, which automatically imports photographs, is programmed in Python language.


Web design

Our challenge was creation of a memorial retro web, which can be used for uploading thousands of digitalized photographs from the year 1945 to now. Web that will be both nostalgic and retrospective, but also modern and current. Check out how we managed it . is a clean and elegant web with colors of an old photo album. We paid close attention to the used font- Futura Round, which is inspired by a geometric sans-serif font Futura, developed in 1927 by a designer Paul Renner.


How portal grew

First visual design was based on a concept of having a huge gallery of photographs, with more than 600 thousand photos and negatives. User was supposed to be able to browse through them using keywords and move through them with help from a timeline in the upper part of the screen.

Next picture shows the first version of intended logo.

First version

Later client moved the concept to another dimension with an idea to form the web into an online magazine with articles. Still using automatized import of photographs from the archives. However now all the photos will be edited into article form in the editorial system CMS before uploading.

Editorial System

In the editorial system, editors can create articles, choose from the imported photographs from the digitalized archive, add more pictures, compose articles which will be published on System has been custom built in Scala/Play framework.


  • Our job: concept, graphic visual, responsive HTML+CSS, editorial system Scala, backend Python
  • Completion: summer 2015
  • Client: TASR, News Agency of the Slovak Republic
  • Status: on-line
  • Link:

Photo gallery

You can see the finished web portal here