New design of our company portfolio has been realized in September 20016. Website presents our creative universe, our references, and helps promote our firm and its philosophy of endless creativity. As our new company color we picked purple. Which is the color of originality and diplomacy. Purple has power to harmonize energy waves, strengthen creativity and ingenuity. It is very popular amongst independent, original people, with vivid imagination.

In this color we developed our whole new company identity (business cards, envelopes, notepads). Check out also Presentation of our corporate identity.

Responsive site

It’s the year 2017, and our web is understandably a responsive one. In todays times every web page should be responsive, meaning adaptable. Responsive design means, that the website automatically adjusts accordingly to what type of device you are using. It displays the same site, only changing its width and placement of objects on it depending on what suits best for your browsing device. Design is adaptable to desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. This is very important in a time when more and more people are reaching for their phones and tablets to get information from the internet. Websites for just one type of screen are losing its relevance in this age.

Návrh homepage

Consistent design



  • Our job: complete redesign, logo, website design, responsive HTML+CSS
  • Completion: September 2016
  • Client: for us
  • Status: on-line
  • Link:

By the way, did you notice that every site is ended with our most important contact information? It has proven useful, because more users browsing through our pages, are motivated to give us a call, when contact information is right there, at the bottom of the page, in clear writing.


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